Patio Panels

Many people these days rent their place of residence. Many others own but are hesitant to commence permanent construction and prefer something temporary. If either of these are true for you, perhaps our patio panels for sliding doors are the right choice for your home!

Patio panels for sliding doors are a temporary solution for your pet door needs. No permanent construction is required, and these panels fit right in and come right out easily. They fit into a sliding door track and the door will seamlessly close all the way up to it. In order to keep the elements out, we advocate for the insert with double paned glass with a premium pet door from Hale or Endura Flap.

In short, patio panels for sliding doors are a great temporary solution to allow your pet easy access into and out of your house without the headache of permanently changing your existing door. Whether you are renting in Seattle, WA or providing for Grandma in Tampa Bay, FL, we can help. Contact us today to talk about whether this solution is right for you. Call or email so we can discuss the patio panel pet door!

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